I’m so pleased you’ve found me.
I love nothing more than connecting with people who want to spark more joy in their life, live with more purpose and to feel passion for who they are and what they do everyday.
I know what it is like to stand on the edge of your potential and purpose, to do a job or live a life that doesn’t light you up. I know what it is like to sit in the comfort zone of life but also fear you will never do what you truly love and are passionate about.
When you are not living out your true purpose you can feel stuck, isolated or a like dulled down version of yourself. Months, years and decades can go by unconsciously living a life that you never really set out to live. Deep down you know there is more, you know there is another path.
My job is to empower you to discover another path and then guide you in the direction of your true purpose and fulfilment. I am here to move you from stuck to joy by designing a life you love.
How do I know this? Because I was this person, I spent years doing something I wasn’t passionate about without any regard for my purpose. Here is my story…


From the outside my life my life looked like the textbook success story. I was working around the world for leading investment banks, flying business class, sipping champagne, climbing the corporate ladder. I had enough disposable income to do whatever my heart desired, however one thing was missing…

My purpose. Why was I doing what I was doing?

By not living my purpose I felt no passion for what I was doing and in turn no real fulfilment, even though the work successes and promotions were there. I lost count of the times I sat in front of my computer screen in offices and trading floors in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney and said to myself THIS ISN’T ME.  Deep down I had this nagging feeling that my life was slipping away and somehow I had to get off this path that was becoming more and more entrenched. I felt like a battery hen in a little cage but something inside me knew I was destined to be a free-range organic bird. I felt over-invested in things at work that felt so big but in reality were not. I was driven completely by my head, whilst my heart was buried deep below my ego. I felt like each day I was going out to battle, to be more right, to climb higher and to prove myself more. It was exhausting and all-encompassing but in reality, none of it mattered.

After more than 10 years in banking, I left to have a baby. My life changed. For the first time in a long time I felt my true vulnerability, I felt my heart rise up and start to guide me again. Although it was challenging stepping into a new identity; ultimately it made me more intuitive, softer, more feminine in my being and I knew something had changed forever. I went back to visit my old work with my baby some months later. The moment I stepped back into the bank I felt like everything had been frozen in time,  nothing had changed except ME. It was at this moment that I knew I had to serve in another way, I had to live out my purpose and follow my true calling. In that very moment, I decided I would not be going back to that world doing what I had done for so long.

I threw myself into my new business with everything I had, I worked every hour I could spare until I was out of balance trying to juggle my family and business and spending a lot of money on my new venture. Again I found myself at the computer screen not doing the things that lit me up – this isn’t how I imaged it to be. Life began to feel like a struggle.

What I realised is that I had never thought through the purpose of my business or my life for that matter, I just ran with the passion. I never asked myself what lights me up? What are my natural gifts and talents, how can I truly serve others doing what I love?

Finally after a long and insightful journey, with the help of some amazing coaches and mentors, I am truly living my purpose – every day. Never in my life have I felt such a sense of fulfilment, joy, and passion for what I do. Here’s the thing – your purpose is not just your job, your purpose is your entire experience of life. Your purpose is what you are called to do in this world and the mark you will leave behind. It is what you naturally gravitate to if you dare to listen to your true self. My true love in life has always been connecting with people, learning about the psychology of the mind and transformation. For over a decade I have coached people, ran workshops and hosted retreats and it makes my heart sing. Today I work with people to discover their true purpose in life and design a life they love. It is the greatest honour to call this MY true purpose in life.


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