No longer is corporate wellness a ‘nice to have’ or an ’employee perk’, it is the cornerstone of a high performing and happy workforce.

The corporate landscape is changing, employees are experiencing higher levels of stress due to information overload, digital distraction and the demands of balancing home life and work life. As a result employee’s mental and physical health is being compromised, which has a knock-on effect on business success. 

Investing in your employee’s mind-body health is the most effective strategy for preventing illness, absenteeism and mental health challenges.

Having spent over a decade working her way up the corporate ladder in investments banks around the world, Simone understands the pressure the intensity of the corporate world.

Simone has spent the last 10 years in the health and wellness Industry, today she shares the latest science and research on mental wellness, nutrition, stress management, emotional intelligence and more.

Using her skills as a Life Coach, a Mind Detox Therapist, a Mindfulness Facilitator, and Epigenetic Health Coach, she works with corporates to create tailor-made workshops designed for the optimal mental and physical health of their employees.

How to Stress Less with Mindfulness

Workshop Description: Eighty-three percent of Kiwis say they suffer from stress – of those a third say work is the cause. Research has shown that workplace stress and anxiety is rising year on year. Longer working hours, juggling home life and work life, and the expectation to be ‘on’ all of the time all contribute to the growing stress epidemic.

The good news is we can reduce stress though simple daily practices that bring a greater sense of calm and increased self-awareness.

In this workshop you will learn :

• The science behind stress
• How to train the brain for calm
• The short and long-term impacts of stress
• How to create more mental space when you have no time
• Mindfulness techniques to bring a greater sense of calm and clarity
• How to manage difficult emotions


• Techniques to train the brain for calm
• Tools to create more mental space when you have no time
• Mindfulness techniques to bring a greater sense of calm and clarity
• Understand how to manage difficult emotions

Workshop Duration: 60 min

Managing Digital Distractions

Workshop Description: We live in a world where digital dependency is on the rise. Never before have we been so married to our devices. Digital distraction is impacting our mental and physical health as well as our productivity and effectiveness at work.

In this workshop you will learn why we are so distracted by our devices and the impact that this is having on our lives. You will discover practical ways to reduce your digital dependency and improve your focus and productivity.


• Strategies to reduce the digital ‘noise’ in your life
• Practical tips and ideas for managing digital distraction
• Methods to help you boost your focus and productivity
• Embody proven methods to create effective habits to stay on task

Workshop Duration: 60 min

Reducing Stress and Building Mental Resilience

Workshop Description: Stress is an inevitable part of day-to-day life but how we react to stress has a profound impact the way we experience the world.

In this workshop you will learn the anatomy of stress, why stress is on the rise, the importance of physiological safety and how to rewire for calm. You will also learn how to build resilience and bounce back from life’s challenges.


• Techniques to reduce stress and build mental resilience
• Learn practical tools to rewire for calm
• Learn strategies on how to bounce back from life’s challenges
• Understanding the 6 cornerstones for building resilience

Workshop Duration: 60 min

Vision and Goal Setting Interactive Workshop

Workshop Description: Benjamin Franklin said ‘if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’. This is an interactive workshop where you will come away with a clear plan and strategy for achieving your personal or professional goals.

Using the latest research on how to set effective goals and take inspired action, you will learn proven methods to achieve your desired results. You will move from your 3 – 5-year vision down to implementing effective daily habits.


• Understand the importance of know your ‘why’ and having a clear vision
• Learn how to set effective goals and have a game plan to achieve them
• Discover how to reverse engineer your goals into 90 day, weekly and daily milestones
• Learn how to create effective habits that create lasting success

Workshop Duration: 60/120 min

Mastering your Mindset

Workshop Description:2020 has been a challenging year, with much uncertainty within people’s professional and private lives. Uncertainty can create underlying stress and take its toll on our well-being and our performance.

Research shows us that having a positive mindset can make us more resilient, improve our physical and mental health and can help us build better relationships. So how do we become more positive in challenging times?

In this workshop you will learn :
• How to train your brain for greater resilience and positivity
• How to build self-awareness to cope with stress and uncertainty
• The role neuroplasticity in realigning the mind
• The importance of a growth mindset for success
• Scientifically backed habits that create lasting change in your mental wellbeing
• The importance of leading from your strengths

• Learn how to optimise your mind for clarity, innovation, and calm
• Learn practical tools to increase your self-awareness
• Challenge limiting beliefs that are holding you back
• Learn to cope with difficult emotions

Workshop Duration: 60/120 min

The Power of Knowing Your Purpose

Workshop Description: Knowing your purpose in life can have a profound impact on how you experience the world. When you are clear on why you are here and the meaning behind what you do, you build greater resilience, you have a more positive outlook and you have a stronger sense of fulfillment through what you do.

Science has shown us that knowing our purpose improves our health, both mentally and physically, and has a correlation to living longer.

In this workshop you will learn :
• The cornerstones of your purpose
• The importance of knowing your strengths and passions, and the power of being of service
• How to lead from a place of purpose

• An understanding of the science of purpose
• Discover what your core values are and why they are important
• Gain clarity on your strengths and passions and how to use them
• Walk away with your purpose manifesto – your map for life
• Create a service mindset to create greater fulfillment and meaning

Workshop Duration: 90/120 min

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