The Future is Personalised Health

Would you like to know what the optimal way is for you (personally) to move, eat, learn, relate, work and thrive?

The future of wellness is changing. It’s becoming more personal.

There is no longer a one size fits all approach your mental and physical health.  You have a completely unique genetic blueprint, therefore, you have a different way of experiencing the world.

Through advances in science and medicine, it is now possible to understand your own unique genetic code and to design a personalised mind-body health solution just for you.   

My job is to help you bridge your biology with your environment so that your best genetic expression is possible within this lifetime and beyond. We achieve this through a leading epigenetic assessment tool called ph360.

Think of this as a 4-dimensional personality test. We get to understand who you are, why you are designed the way you are and how to step into the power of being who you are uniquely designed to be.

ph360 is the first-ever lifestyle program that gives you customized, simple and practical insights for scientifically-proven health and happiness.

You personalised wellness solution will be provided to you as an online platform, which in hosts a program designed just for you. It includes over 25,000 recipes, food tips, exercises for your body type, mindset strategies, environmental considerations and so much more.


  • Weight loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Mood
  • Achieving Better Sleep
  • Balanced Blood Sugar
  • Improved Metabolism
  • Clarity around Purpose and Genius
  • More Compassionate Relationships


One year ph360 membership

ph360 platform and app give you your personalised health data, which includes specific information on everything from what foods you should eat to when you are most productive in the day based on your genetic makeup.

Epigenetic Assessment

The first step is to assist you in your personal measurements and profiling so we can capture the data can go into the ph360 algorithm. This will provide you with your personalised health biotype.

Health Coaching

As a personalised health coach, I can help you to maximise your use of the ph360. Together we will work on your mind-body health goals and start taking inspired action for sustainable change.

Life Coaching

Ph360 focuses on long term change rather than a one-time fix. This is a lifestyle program in which we look at how to optimise all areas of your life. As your life coach, I will support you create new habits, look at beliefs that hold you back and pave the way for long lasting results.


  • 1-year membership on the ph360 platform – valued at $285 NZD

  • 60 to 90-minute epigenetic assessment/measurement session

  • 60-minute private Health coaching session

  • 60-minute private Life coaching session

  • Email and phone support during the program



Also available in 3-month payment installment term for $235NZD/mo.


Buy your own Token for your DIY Personalised health Journey

Usually, $285 now $220. EMAIL ME HERE.