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Interview with Sam Adkins

September 10th, 2019  |  Interviews

Sam Adkins is an internationally renowned homeopath with a wealth of knowledge on the subject of homeopathy. She has studied and practiced in Australia and the UK and does online consultations all over the world. Not only does Sam practice face-to-face homeopathic consultations, she also empowers her clients to learn how to treat themselves and their families with homeopathic medicine. Her online resources, training course and ongoing support inspires people to manage their own health (and their families) with homeopathy.

For this reason Sam is running a series of 4 workshops in August in conjunction with the MINDD Foundation in order to give families the Homeopathic tools to treat acute illnesses without resorting to immunity lowering antibiotics. Find out more…….

As well as using her medical and analytical knowledge in her practice, Sam is also very intuitive in her therapy. She is currently training as a holistic psychotherapist – which she will practice in conjunction with the homeopathy for chronically unwell patients as well as pure counseling sessions without Homeopathy.

What is Homeopathy? 

SA: Homeopathy is a holistic approach to medicine whereby a person’s physical, emotional and mental symptoms are treated as equally important (this is known as the constitutional approach to Homeopathy). Homeopathy can also be used for first aid and to treat specific health concerns – i.e. the common cold (this is known as Acute Homeopathy).

Homeopathy is a well-established system of medicine that has been around for about 250 years. It was originally developed by a German scientist (Samuel Hahnemann) who was disillusioned by the damage caused by traditional pharmaceutical medicine. He began experimenting with diluting and vibrating medicine and came up with homeopathic medicine that treats patients effectively, naturally and gently.

Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural tendency to heal itself. It is a system of medicine that is safe, gentle and effective. Homeopathy treatments can be used during pregnancy and for tiny babies when conventional medicines are ill advised. Homeopathy can benefit anyone from newborns right through to elderly people

What is homeopathic medicine made from?

SA: Homeopathic remedies are made of natural substances – plants, minerals or animal products. The theory of Homeopathy is that like cures like – therefore substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people.

What are common women’s health concerns that you treat? 

SA: I treat a lot of women with various health concerns relating to hormones. This may be due to hormonal changes post birth or issues with the thyroid or adrenal glands. Often these issues don’t show up with blood tests but can be diagnosed through a homeopathic consultation. I also treat women with anxiety/depression and emotional issues. I have had a lot of success with treating women who have come to me for issues relating to pain during intercourse after birth (one of those topics that isn’t often talked about but is quite common).

Relief for morning sickness is relatively straightforward in most cases with homeopathy too.

 What are common children’s aliments that you treat with homeopathy?

SA: I treat a wide range of children’s health issues. Behavioral issues, sleep problems, Autism, eczema and allergy issues are just some of the things I come across.

One example of treating a child successfully with homeopathy was a case of a 7 year old girl that came in with her mother, the young girl was terrified of sleep and had seen all kinds of practitioners to try to remedy the issue. I prescribed her with one remedy once and was later told that she had been cured immediately (she never needed to come back).

How can people book a consultation with you?

SA: People can book a session with me at my Rose Bay Clinic in Sydney (details below) or if you are outside of Sydney you can book a skype consultation with me.

Tell us about your homeopathic training programs?

SA: I offer a broad range of training options from beginner’s courses to advanced and professional homeopathy courses. These courses are through a video series I created or are through referrals to the world-renowned School of Homeopathy in the UK. I also hold a Family homeopathic course covering four ailment groups and spanning four workshops.


For information on how to book a session with Sam or learn more about the homeopathic training options, please visit her website:

Or give her a call or an email on:

From Australia: 0420 800 725

From Overseas: +61420 800 725



Thank you Sam for sharing your wealth of knowledge on homeopathy with the Nourishing Hub!




Simone DennySimone Denny is a qualified Life Coach, a Mind Detox practitioner, Epigenetic Health Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator, Podcast Host, and Speaker. She runs wellness workshops and international health retreats, where she shares her passion for mind-body wellness. After many years in Investment banking, Simone now teaches corporates and individuals how to find and live on purpose.


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