Course STARTS on SEpTEMBER 13th, 2021


Are you overwhelmed by the busyness of life but underwhelmed by how fulfilled you feel? 

Tired of standing on the sidelines and watching everyone else’s life moving forward?

Would you like to do something more meaningful but don’t know what it is or how to make the leap?


Do you fear that you are sliding into mediocrity, that you’re flat-lining, or do you feel bored or stuck?


I spent 15 years climbing someone else’s corporate ladder. I followed the paint by numbers model of success but it never felt like me. Deep down I craved to do something that was aligned with who I wanted to be in this world, but for years I hushed this little voice hoping it would go away or that something would just land in my lap. 

Finally I left the comfortable job in the investment banking world that I had known so well and embarked on a journey to find my true purpose in life. This journey wasn’t a straight line – it took some unexpected twists and turns but it has lead me to you and to so many other amazing humans who are ready to make a change. 

Today I am living my purpose and getting here has been the most rewarding journey. 

Now I want to share with you exactly how I found my true calling in life; how I discovered the reality of fulfilment and how I overcame my self-doubt and fear to design a life I love.

I want to take you on a journey all the way back to YOU. Remember that person who had big dreams, who felt deep passion, excitement and had a spark for life? On this journey, you will sit in the driving seat of your life. You will design a life that brings you deep joy and true purpose to all aspects of your life. 

Your purpose is not a job you go to each day – your purpose may not involve changing the world but it will involve changing your world.

When you live on purpose you get to call on all of the unique gifts that only you have been given in life. You get to live out your greatest passion whilst serving others, and that is what brings about true fulfilment.


The Living with Purpose course is an 10-week online coaching course with weekly live group mentoring. It is designed for those who are ready to step into the best version of themselves and want to live with heartfelt purpose, inspiration and meaning.

I am by nature a community builder. I love seeing people come together to learn, grow, connect and feel supported and accountable. It is my intention to create this in this group.

In this course I share a combination of the deeper inner work and practical, actionable steps that create results and change. A bit of woo and lot of do.

This course is for you if YOU….

  • Are ready to explore your deeper calling in life
  • Would love to do something you feel passionate about in life
  • Want clarity on what your purpose is & how to bring it to life
  • Are tired of playing small & want to make a bigger impact
  • Want to fall back in love with the work you already do
  • Are willing to look at what might be holding you back
  • Are open to challenging your existing mindset
  • Are willing to take inspired action & get results
  • Are ready to live with greater meaning, purpose and direction
  • Want to be more of your authentic self every day
  • Are ready to dig deep & commit to 56 days of personal development
  • Want to be part of a small supportive group of people on a similar path
  • Are wanting to know & express more of your strengths & unique talent
  • Are ready to learn how to work through negative thoughts & beliefs holding you back
  • Desire a course that is run by someone who deeply cares about your outcome

Magnificently Empowering

"I have recently done Simone’s Living With Purpose' course and it's made a huge contribution to the quality of my life.  It reaffirmed and deepened my belief in myself, helped me to look at my life holistically, take stock and take charge.  This course has given me practical tools to add depth and intention and quality to each day and to create the future. The course gave me an opportunity to look at my past and see my future and connect the dots!  If I could describe the course in two words I'd say "Magnificently Empowering''.  Thank you so much, Simone, you are a wonderful coach and teacher, you are living your purpose and it's definitely creating a ripple effect of contributing great things to people's lives. "

Amanda Quinn

A truly a life-changing experience

"I could never have imagined how empowering a course like this could be.  Being a mum to 3, I had completely lost 'myself' to the busyness of everyday life.  Taking the time to examine my current life, explore my past experiences and brainstorm my dreams and goals for the future was truly a life-changing experience.  I would highly recommend this course, and Simone, for anyone who's feeling a little bit lost and unsure about what their purpose is."

Emma MacLeod

You Will Receive the Following..

  • 8 Modules of Juicy Content
  • 3 Bonus Sessions and Material
  • Weekly Facebook Live Sessions
  • Group Zoom Coaching Calls
  • Accountability & Feedback
  • 7-Day Rituals Vault 
  • More Than 20 Interactive Worksheets & PDFs
  • Live on Purpose Daily Planner
  • Guided Meditations & Visualisations
  • Daily Support via Facebook Group
  • Practical Tools 
  • A Supportive Community of Likeminded people 

Why Is This Course Different?

This is not an online course where you sign up and are left to work it out yourself. I am with you all the way, showing up for you, holding your hand when you need it and encouraging you to do both the hard stuff and the fun stuff. 

I am fully committed to your success. I created this course because I know it works and because I want to support people like you to get clarity, direction and inspiration in life.

I know what it is like to try to work everything out yourself. It’s hard, it can be boring and sometimes we don’t get to see the things we need to see most, the things that are holding us back from unleashing our full potential and joy.

I loved every minute of the ‘Living With Purpose’ course

"Simone quietly creates magic. Gently supporting you in clarifying your purpose, challenging old beliefs and arming you with tools and techniques to live your best life. All achieved through practical exercises, the sharing of experiences, learnings and accountability. I would absolutely recommend Simone and loved every minute of the ‘Living With Purpose’ course. I look forward to a long association Simone, you are truly an inspiration!"

Tracey Cross

This course no exaggeration, changed my life

"Doing the living with purpose course with Simone has, no exaggeration, changed my life. It has given me a new outlook on my future, enabled me to identify and overcome beliefs that were holding me back, and empowered me to make some big life decisions. If you are feeling stuck, uncertain, or unsure how to move forward with your life, trust in Simone and this course, you won't regret it."

Rachael Cove

What you will receive in this course



Understand how your daily energy and wellbeing is affected by your words, thoughts, feelings and habits.

  • Recognise how your energy is depleted, and how to regain it
  • Reprogram your negative thoughts
  • Recognise how your words impact your life
  • Use your feelings and emotions to guide you
  • Create the right ritual practice for your daily life



Discover your authentic self by exploring your limiting beliefs, core values and zone of genius.

  • Discovering your ‘WHO’
  • Find the root causes of your limiting beliefs
  • Identify your core values
  • Find your zone of genius, your strengths and your unique talents
  • Optimise your time based on your strengths



Understand who and/or what is holding you back and keeping you stuck. Find out how to move through your blocks and obstacles and into your purpose.

  • Set effective boundaries
  • Manage digital distraction
  • Understand how others influence your purpose
  • Move through fear to pursue your purpose
  • Proven strategies to build your confidence 



Discover your authentic self by exploring your limiting beliefs, core values and zone of genius.

  • Discover your purpose through serving others
  • Spark your purpose with 16 thought provoking questions
  • Uncover what you truly want in life
  • Map your purpose wheel
  • Know your ‘why'
  • Create a purpose manifesto you can live by



Create clear intentions and inspired goals that help you start living with greater fulfilment and purpose.

  • Set clear intentions that help you live with purpose and fulfilment every day
  • Learn effective goal setting
  • Find the sweet spot for goal setting
  • Plan and execute your intentions and goals to live on purpose
  • The importance of weekly and daily planning



Bring your dreams, aspirations and purpose to life with these powerful manifesting tools.

  • Creatively visualise what you want
  • Cultivate the feeling of living your purpose
  • Meet the best version of yourself (guided meditation & worksheet)
  • Step into your ideal future self
  • Practice daily rituals for manifesting




Melissa Brown is an author (of 4 books), speaker and award winning entrepreneur. She is the owner of multi-million dollar businesses and runs financial adulting course. In the course she shares her top tips on Financial Wellbeing. 




Internationally recognised Intuitive Entrepreneur and Spiritual Teacher Louise Laffey will be teaching how to work with flow energy and how to harness this to help you align with your higher purpose. 




Branding expert Hilary Cootes will be sharing her secrets around the importance of knowing your personal brand, how to create your own personal brand and how to align your personal brand with your purpose.

I highly recommend diving into this work

"I have come through this course with a very clear path forward, I feel supported and have made great strides in clarifying my purpose, goals, manifesting the visions I have and am now in the process of setting up my business, website and workshops, am running women's circles and being kept accountable by my coach. I highly recommend diving into this work. Simone's course and coaching brings in the deep dives, activity, values work and clarity that many of us seek. "

Alita Blanchard

Truly an eye opener for me

"Simone's course was truly an eye-opener for me. I learned so much about myself, my abilities and my own uniqueness. This course has given me the boost that I needed to stop making excuses and stop hiding under my everyday busyness. I feel that I have the right tools and mindset to live my purpose every day. Thank you, Simone."

Anu Weir

Course Commences September 13th 2021

Join me for 10 weeks of exploration, mindset strategies and inspired action.
Together we will uncover what is holding you back and discover how you can use your unique gifts and talents to live on purpose. This is not a plug and play course, there will be live calls and plenty of interaction and inspiration from me.

Come and join a small group of likeminded women, ready to remove what is holding them back and step into momentum, transformation and results.


You missed out!

I would love to answer any questions you might have or share more about how the course could apply to you. 

Feel free to drop me an email and I will set up a call to discuss.

I can't recommend this course enough - life changing.

"Doing this 8-week course with Simone has turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself, my relationships, my children and my career! Probably one of my biggest challenges in life has been lacking a sense of direction or any momentum. I often used to feel like I was somewhat left behind, but that I deserved to be there. I knew I had lofty dreams but I didn't realise until I started this course that I also had very small thoughts about myself. I now understand that the power is within ourselves to change our destinies. I can't recommend this course enough - life-changing. Thanks Simone."

Kimberly Hinds

Living with purpose was a highlight of my 2020.

"Completing Simone’s Living with purpose was a highlight of my 2020. It has given me so much confidence and excitement to get living with purpose, making the most of my future. I highly recommend this course to anyone - Simone meets you where you are at and in just the right way guides, motivates and challenges you to make positive changes to get living your best life. Her vitality is so inspiring and infectious and she goes above and beyond sharing her time and her wisdom. I was initially nervous about doing group coaching but this turned out to be one of the best aspects of the course. Meeting so many wonderful women, hearing their experiences, struggles and breakthroughs really helped put perspective on my own situation and makes you realise you’re not alone in your challenges."

Emily Brewer

Incredibly supportive, inspiring and motivational approach

"So much to love about this course and the positive impact it has had on how I now live my life purposefully. The incredibly supportive, inspiring and motivational approach Simone has developed and provides with this course, means you are not alone as you work through your personal journey with it. A structured set of modules packed full of content, tools & positive actions, Simone’s gentle wisdom & guidance, layered together with group coaching to provide a connection of collaborative support, inspiration, motivation and accountability.  Thank you Simone, I’m so grateful I decided to sign up last year, I have loved it. "

Catherine Allan

Words from Women Who Have Done the Course

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About Simone Denny

Simone is hugely passionate about empowering people to live with purpose and create themselves from the inside out. Her expertise lies in helping individuals to create effective mindset strategies, to build resilience and gain clarity and direction. Simone has a strong passion for mind-body wellness and teaches effective techniques for optimal mental and physical wellbeing.

Simone is a qualified Life Coach, Mind Detox Practitioner, Mindfulness Facilitator and is an Epigenetic Coach. Simone runs online and live training programs, mentors clients all over the world, speaks and runs workshops for corporates and individuals and hosts International wellness retreats.

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