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Healthy Snacks

Raw Salted Caramel Crunch Bars

March 10th, 2020  |  Healthy Snacks

GF, DF, Refined Sugar Free, Raw

These are really delicious decadent bars and taste ever bit like old school caramel. The crunch adds a nice twist to these bars. There is a bit of prep time involved with leaving the bars to freeze and then dipping them in their coating but they make a generous number and are well worth the effort.

healthy easter treats



  • 1 ¼ cup of dates (roughly chopped)
  • ½ teaspoon of Himalayan rock salt
  • 2 tbsp unhulled tahini
  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp of rice syrup or maple syrup
  • 1 cup of soaked cashews
  • 1 tbsp of water
  • ¾ cup of activated buckwheat
  • ½ cup of raw cacao nibs (or more if you choose)


Chocolate Coating

  • 4 tbsp of coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp of cacao butter (replace with coconut if you don’t have)
  • ½ c of maple syrup or rice syrup
  • ¾ c of raw cacao powder


  1. Line a 18 x 28 tin with baking paper
  2. Cover Cashews with water and soak for at least an hour. Rinse prior to using.
  3. Add dates, salt, tahini, coconut oil, maple syrup, cashews and water to the food processor and blend until the mixture forms a creamy paste.
  4. Pulse in the buckwheat the cacao nibs until combined.
  5. Press the caramel mixture into the prepared tin and freeze for at least 4 hours (I often leave mine over night).

delicious decadent bars

Once the caramel is frozen (or very firm), prepare the chocolate coating. Add coconut oil, cacao butter and maple syrup into a pop and melt over very low heat (do not boil). Remove from heat and gentle mix in the raw cacao power. Allow the chocolate to sit for about 10 minutes.

In this step you will need to work quickly so the caramel doesn’t soften too much. Remove the caramel from freezer and slice it into desired sized bars. Dip the bars into the warm chocolate until well coated and place them on a board or plate lined with baking paper. Pop the bars back in the freezer until set (this will only take a few minutes) and then put the in an airtight container and keep them in the freezer.



Simone Denny is a qualified Life Coach, a Mind Detox practitioner, Epigenetic Health Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator, Podcast Host, and Speaker. She runs wellness workshops and international health retreats, where she shares her passion for mind-body wellness. After many years in Investment banking, Simone now teaches corporates and individuals how to find and live on purpose.


Simone Denny Wellness

Simone Denny Wellness

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