I am a qualified Mind Detox Therapist. Mind Detox is an excellent practice to shift emotional blocks or physical symptoms in the body.

Mind Detox Therapy treats the mind and body as one. Anything that is showing up in your life on either a physical level (i.e. back pain or a skin issue) or an emotional level (fear of something or some kind of frustration or stuckness) is often manifested from an old belief we have created about ourselves that no longer serves us.

‘Every negative belief weakens the partnership between the mind and body.’ – Deepak Chopra

In Mind Detox Therapy we look at the current issue and then tap into the subconscious to understand and adjust our core belief or repressed emotion.

By shifting beliefs that don’t serve us we can experience dramatic shifts in our body and in our relationship with others and ourselves. This is an incredibly effective and powerful process that can liberate you from damaging thought patterns and beliefs.


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