Rebecca Richwhite


“I have been fortunate enough to have engaged in Simone Denny’s ‘Women’s Circle’ in Sydney for the past 4 years. In these sessions, Simone has provided a unique platform for sharing both personal and topical issues. Sharing these thoughts and experiences under the guidance of Simone has proven itself to be an incredibly powerful tool, one which has led to profound and beautiful insights in us all. The women with whom we have shared have also become incredible confidants, both in and out of group time. I consider this meaningful, at a time when community and the feminine collective are rare occurrences.”

Sam Adkins


“I have attended Simone Denny’s women’s group for over 3 years. Simone is a wonderful leader and facilitator. She brings herself wholeheartedly present to each meeting and manages to create a safe space for the group to relax and be themselves. Our sessions spanned various topics from vision boards at the beginning of the year to women’s issues such as health and relationships. As a group facilitator Simone brings a lightness of structure with wonderful stimulating material for whatever we were discussing. I love every minute in this special group and feel nourished from just spending time with the women in it, which is mostly due to the ability Simone has of creating a safe container for us all to be who we are. If you have an opportunity to join one of Simone’s groups, do not hesitate!”

Theme Rains

“Participating in the women’s circle Simone created has been one of the highlights of my last few years, and fills my heart with such warmth even to think of. As soon as I entered the space she created I felt so embraced, held and allowed to be. As well as sharing with us a broad spectrum of healing, health, personal development wisdom and tools, she also creates such a safe, loving and joyful place to be, connect and be inspired by. I am so grateful for Simone in my life, and for the opportunity to be part of her women’s circles, which are real, authentic and just so nurturing to body, mind and spirit.”

Eliza Gilbertson


“I was so lucky and felt very privileged to be a part of the Sydney Women’s Circle. Every session was always wonderfully thought-out and facilitated by Simmy and I really appreciated the effort and time she put into creating such an amazing, warm, supportive and uplifting environment. Every session was so different with new teachings and learning. I always found them to be so beneficial but it was also just fantastic to deeply connect with other ‘like minded’ women. Thank you for creating such an amazing experience and group Simmy xx.”


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